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The New 5G Transmission Technology Makes The 5G Network Can Be Deployed At The End Of 2018 Before

According to Li Han, deputy director of the network technology research institute of China mobile research institute, a generation of transmission technology supports two generations of wireless communication.3G/4G is mainly carried by PTN and IPRAN technology, and 5G is the new transmission technology for the new generation of wireless communication.In June this year , China mobile first proposed the "5G transmission demand and new technology architecture" on ITU-T SG15 , attracting great attention from the industry.

Shenzhen Walsun optics technology co., LTD. joins in the development of 5G actively and hopes to contribute to 5G development.Following the development and technology trend of 5G, , Walsun has pioneered the introduction of SFP28 SR and SFP28 LR in the industry.SFP28 LR, a single channel, supports hot plug ,25G Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR applications. It is a high performance module of short distance data, which supports communication and interconnection applications with the transmission distance up to 10km of 25.78125 Gbp. The module mainly uses the nominal wavelength of 1310nm single-mode fiber system operation and the optical interface adopts the double LC socket.It reflects the development and design of the communication technology and the capability of the production, and provides reliable, efficient and continuous service.SFP28 SR belongs to RoHS standard, CDR function and the built-in digital diagnosis function, which contains proven circuit in walsun and the VCSEL technology and provides the reliable service life, high performance, and consistent service.

At present, the application of 5G has been basically determined and realized as the separation of CU and DU.3G/4G transmission network is mainly divided into prequel and return.5G has defined the two functional entities of CU and DU, and the original functions have a new division in CU and DU.It can be divided into 5G in the prequel, and returned, prequel is RRU to DU, the biography is DU to CU, back is CU to 5G core network, need according to the business types, properties, choose a different transmission technology.

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