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Walsun Optics' CWDM&DWDM Optical Transciver Module Win The Favor Of Domestic Transmission Equipment Manufacturers

With the rapid development of date service , transmisson networks require higher bandwidth. Traditional PDH and SDH technology , using a single wavelength transfer optical  signal  , which is a great waste of fiber capacity , because the bandwidth of fiber in terms of  the relative to the current use of single wavelength channel is almost unlimited.The technology of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing ) was born in this context . It not only greatly increases the capacity of the network , but also makes full use of bandwidth  resources of optical fiber and reduces the waste of network resources .  Now , the C band : 1525~1565nm, has been using, the L band :1570~1620nm and the S band:1400nm was being developed.As for the technology of DWDM, people put forward the CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). The results obviously show that CWDM network has cost advantage for it is suitable for short distance transport of small networks . In addition, CWDM inherits the advantages of the wavelength division multiplexing system, so that the type network has a certain scale of application in the market. CWDM wavelength interval is 20nm+6.5nm and the wavelength interval is relatively dense, while DWDM wavelength interval is between 0.2~1.6nm with more wave channel number, which has a larger capacity supporting EDFA light amplification and transmission distance.

Shenzhen Walsun Optics Technology CO., LTD, provides rich product solutions for the WDM. The industrial and commercial level optical transceiver module of 10G CWDM/DWDM 10KM 40KM 80km and 100km can be used to meet the different needs of manufacturers, and the maximum advantages can reduce the combination cost. The CWDM/DWDM optical module provided by Walsun. has stable performance and low power consumption, and the link buget is higher than the industry standard specification and good consistency. Walsun Optics as a professional producers of Optical transcvier module, not only need to provide customers with high quality and cost-effective Optical Transciver Solutions, but must have the ability to deliver enough to share the vendor delivery pressure.  Recently, in the short period of delivery time, the company has delivered a satisfactory examination of the project, which is in cooperation with one of the domestic transmission equipment merchants, so as to deliver a satisfactory response to the delivery equipment manufacturer with quick delivery capability and strong quality assurance. In this way, the Walsun has won the strong recognition from the manufacturer, which has won the excellent public praise. With the market demand and its own technology, we have a deep understanding of the customer's application,  professional and fast service response, Walsun contribute our strength to the optical communication.


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